The quiet perserverance within, determines your position – not all can be a Gladiator…
CoachFUR, is your personal coach for ultimate results – a true Gladiator, and has the passion and energy of an entire tribe.  She reminds you daily, you are perfect and whole as you are!
CoachFUR is a Social Media Ninja – she knows how to use each social media platform, and explains this to her audience – the importance of understanding the backend of the most commonly used platforms, to have deep insight into your clients basic needs. The back-end of the search engines, and other platforms, can position you to best serve your future clients.
CoachFUR explains the importance of analytics and implementing SEO tactics, to capture the audience you want.
If you are trying to get your business off the ground, or trying to open a business, CoachFUR shares daily nuggets of business wisdom in a fun, charasmatic way that is sure to capture your attention, and draw you back for more.

Put her over 30 years experience to work for you today!

01. Social Media Strategist

CoachFUR received her MCBA in 1994, and graduated with honors.
Having been focused on social media growth and development and following the trends, has positions CoachFUR to be a leader in this great movement.  Not only does she dominate Periscope.TV with her positive attributes, but also encourages others daily, to shine like the beacon they are, that they are perfect and whole as they are, and to Go Live and share their story, passions, messages to the world.
CoachFUR breaks down the foundation principles needed for rapid growth on Social Media!

02. Pro Groom & Handler

CoachFUR graduated from the NY School of Dog Grooming, Certified Master Groomer Program, 1992 and has been in business since.
“Over 25 years of experience, at your service”
CoachFUR not only professionally handles the dogs AKC, or any other conformation show, but also handles the ponies.
Being involved in ponies since 12 yrs old, CoachFUR has shown successfully for many years – english, western, pleasure, team cattle penning, and quite a few cattle drives.
CoachFUR knows how to care for the horses, and relys on techniques such as Tellington T Touch, and other super gentle, super effective techniques to calm, comfort and relax the animals.
CoachFUR knows how to win – the mindest needed to win, and how to win consistently.

03. Live Broadcaster

CoachFUR has been focused and dedicated to perfecting the entire process of Going Live, for a little over 2 years now.
Having the constant framwork in place, to keep in in alignment with my vision of growth, has been key to my growth and success to date.
By getting involved in training and accountability groups, constant growth and training has occured which in turn she hands down to her audience.
The intro, message, and outro is so important, as well as the technical elements.
So much to know, and oh btw, your message should be UNDER 2 MINUTES and CoachFUR shows you how to do that – it’s hard, but fun with CoachFUR…
CoachFUR talks about the People, Pets n Polo of the  Peidmont Region of Virginia, and wants to share her passions with you!
CoachFUR’s motto is,
“Together we’re better”


who is CoachFUR?

jodi moreland, aka coachfur

Your Personal Coach For Ultimate Results

Born in Halifax, NS, Canada, Jodi made the leap and migrated to America, a little over 15 years ago! She has been influencing the pet industry since the early 90’s’ and still loves to help and serve others.

Social Media Ninja

with a passion for People Pets n Polo of th Piedmont region of Virginia.

Reach out and connect with CoachFUR today!

Contact CoachFUR

Snail Mail address:
13219 Hazegrov Farm Lane Linden, Virginia  22642
+1 571 229-68989

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