Welcome to my world of People, Pets n Polo of the Piedmont Region of Virginia

My name is Jodi, aka CoachFUR.

A pet pro/industry influencer since the early ’90’s

Valuable Tips n Tricks on Social Media
CoachFUR knows the struggle of being a single mom
and discusses the realities facing brown business women of today.
Everyday does not have to be a struggle….

Pet Industry Influencer

CoachFUR has been a school certified master groomer since, 1992 and immediately began teaching and assisting others to go into business for themselves, and be their own boss!
CoachFUR is a pro at setting up brick n mortars and is a Social Media Ninja, meaning she breaks down and explains the back end of our most favorite social media platforms, to better understand and serve the client visiting your content.

Equestrian Groom, Riding & Training

A well trained groom is the back bone or the spine of the team – well versed , and equipped to cover all “things”, that could happen in the day to ensure the team or team captain, have a smooth experience.
The demand for a well trained Groom is growing within the horse and pet industry, and CoachFUR teaches how to be the best Groom to serve the team to the Win!

The Stick n Ball Tack Shop

CoachFUR is proud to present The Stick n Ball Tack Shop.
The Stick n Ball is a tack shop, catering to the Equestrian Polo Community, sponsors and fans.
CoachFUR has combined her strength with the BEST in the industry, Galdiator Polo, and brings Polo Equipment, school/group packages, as well as custom riding items for both horse and rider, the heart of Polo country.

Riding Lessons

CoachFUR has been riding since the early 80’s, and has been blessed with wonderful training instruction on the flat, over fences, eventing and western, since she began taking riding lessons, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
CoachFUR has always loved a variation, and always asked her ponies to go both english (Flat & over fences, hunting & eventing), and western (Barrels, Poles, Cattle Penning, Cattle Drive, Trail Ride Operator).

Today, Jodi, aka CoachFUR, works at Criswood II Stables, Gainesville, VA, as a Riding Instructor.
Criswood II Stables, is a large, very safe, english/western stable (of two – Criswood Stables is located in Manassas) offering private boarding and instruction for equestrians of all ages and disciplines.

If you are interested in having a private, semi-private or group lesson with CoachFUR, please send CoachFUR a message and she will respond promptly.

Summer camp is going to be a blast!
(Camp Registration is open now, and classes are filling fast – Sign up your Kiddo for Camp today!)

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